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Host Dawn Ely interviews Atlanta’s C-suite business executive in the city’s small and mid-size companies to uncover what works and what doesn’t in today’s challenging environment. Each show may be industry or topic specific.

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Think Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is only for the huge companies? Think again. Listen to today’s show to find out how CRM Software is designed to help small businesses.  02/28/2012 Show Shelby Robert of Star-Tech, Inc., began his business career as the Data Processing Manager for a regional department store chain. The very high … [more]

Confused about Internet Marketing?  Listen to our internet marketing experts on ways you can better utilize the internet and digital marketing techniques. 01/17/12 Show Christian Griffith serves at the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Freebairn & Company, a full-service marketing and advertising communications company located in the Buckhead Financial District of Atlanta, Georgia. Christian … [more]

The current tech sector has low unemployment rate. To hire an employee or a contractor?  Listen to our experts. 01/10/12 Show Dion DeLoof, President of Anteo Group founded Anteo Group, a technology professional services firm in Atlanta, GA in 2002. Anteo Group, a technology professional services firm, solves technology problems by putting the best minds … [more]

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